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From the Director

    Kathleen Bohne

    Before I was introduced to Life Skills, I woke up every morning with a vague feeling that things were not going to go very well. I felt I was not quite right. I never seemed to measure up. I craved emotional bonding but did not know what it was to have a fulfilled, intimate relationship with my husband. I was not happy. Although everything looked like I had it going on (on the outside) I knew something was wrong (on the inside). None of my accomplishments brought me freedom or fulfillment. What was wrong with me?

    What you do not understand drives you crazy, but what you do understand you can deal with.

    Then, I found the answer...All these feelings, emotions, and bad behaviors were coming from somewhere...unresolved past issues. What I thought was forgotten and behind me I forced into my subconscious where it was still modifying my behavior and remaining dynamic. What I forced into my subconscious to prevent my conscious from feeling the pain was controlling and navigating my whole life. Until...I faced it and let it go.

    Through the process of learning powerful truths, identifying feelings, confronting my unresolved past issues I was empowered to conquer what was holding me back from this wonderful, fulfilled life I deserved. This psycho-education is the missing link given in a safe group setting with no judgment or condemnation of trusted friends. I had restarted the growing process, no longer stuck in shame or pain. Now I am truly free to be me. I found out who I really am! I have tapped into the power within me (the love), with the ability to make another individual feel valuable!

    You will never conquer what you do not confront, BUT, you will never confront what you do not IDENTIFY.    
    Life Skills changed my life forever...the veil that was over my eyes was removed. What I did not understand left me feeling damaged, defective and flawed but then I began to understand and unravel the root of my pain and dysfunction . I was stuck or arrested in my development, until the truth set me free...the truth of my true value, relevance and who I really am. I am free to grow and mature and become who I was created to be. I am valuable, precious and held in high regard. I have gifts, talents and I have a purpose! Not only do I know who I am but I like who I am and I will fulfill my destiny. I am incredible! And so are you!

    Of all the human tragedies the broken heart is the greatest. I have found my purpose in help people find their true value and feel good about themselves. This led me to open a Professional Life Skills Center in Manteno...The Family Life Skills Education Center. A safe place where men, women, and young adults can be restored! Be empowered to reclaim your Dignity and Worth! It is time to face what it is that is holding you back, learn to let go and get your life back!